Installation of Data, Cable, & Telephone Wiring

Rely on Inside Connection and Cabling, Inc. for the cleanest telecommunications installation possible. We provide a complete line of data and telephone wiring solutions for homes and businesses within Seattle, Washington, and surrounding areas.

Telecommunications Installations

Let our experts install a neat and readily expandable cable plant for your home or business. Your neighbors trust our experts for their cabling needs because we are willing to fish wires and crawl through attics to conceal any wiring.

Our forte is going out of our way to make you happy with the wiring installation by concealing them as much as possible. For your convenience, we offer free on-site estimates. Our residential rate is $75 per hour, and our business rate is $85, with a $50 service charge.

When we install new wiring or cabling, we identify and label all termination jacks. Our experts specialize in installing custom patch panels and extending ports from your phone system by installing a feed cable to provide that dial tone where you need it.

We are also able to extend all data, voice, and cable circuits anywhere in your home or office. To extend video sources to multiple locations, we offer TV cabling with a CATV, coaxial cable, or RG-6QS. For your convenience, we also mount, install, and conceal all wiring for flat screen TVS.

One of our specialties includes the installation of relay racks, or a distribution rack, which is tailored to whatever cable management plan you have. Our technicians test and certify all installed wiring to ensure you do not experience connection problems.

Relay, data, and server rack layout designs and installations, including all ladder racking, are offered to organize your wiring. Custom color schemes to match your existing or new faceplates are available for all wiring plans.

Our experts provide customized patch panel designs and implementations, tailoring the patch panel to suit your needs. We also match your new phone and data faceplates to your existing electrical or telecommunications trim for a seamless installation.

Contact us to request an update for your phone, data, or cable systems with new wiring.